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Radio Vtech Baby in Spanish

Radio Vtech Baby in Spanish

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Welcome to Baby Radio by VTech, the perfect portable radio for the little ones in the house! With this radio, children will immerse themselves in the world of music, exploring two instruments, three songs and thirty melodies in various styles. In addition, they will be able to learn about animal names and numbers in a fun way. You don't need to change the station!

Main features:

- Instrument buttons: Press them to discover their names and what they sound like!

- Animal Wheel: Spin the wheel to learn the name of each animal and its number!

- Music Disc: Move it to activate more sounds and music while you play!

- Carrying handle: Take your radio everywhere with its comfortable handle!

- More than 60 melodies, phrases, songs and sounds.

- Adjustable volume control.

- Automatic shutdown function to save energy.

Have fun and learn to the rhythm of music with Baby Radio by VTech

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