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Berjuan Sanibaby Antibacterial Soft Doll (28 cm)

Berjuan Sanibaby Antibacterial Soft Doll (28 cm)

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The family business Berjuan was founded in 1977 in Onil, Alicante (Spain), a town known as the "Cradle of Dolls". During the last 35 years, new generations have continued the legacy with the same business philosophy, based on the values ​​of our ancestors: a solid human team, the integration of new technologies and a constant investment in research and development (R&D). . These pillars are essential to maintain innovation and global leadership in the products we manufacture.

Berjuan products are original and 100% manufactured in Spain. Our products pass the obligatory and exhaustive quality controls and safety investigations before their launch. We constantly invest in R&D and the development of new technologies.

In addition, our company is endorsed by quality seals such as AIJU, AEFJ, FEDALMA, IMPIVA, and EUROPEAN UNION.

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